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This program is intended for listening at home or school. For schools, the intended age groups are 4-7 years, but the program will also benefit younger children who have already been exposed to meditation, or older ones who enjoy the stories! The program consists of 12 sessions that will take the children on a journey, with a story (the video introduction) and a meditation practice linked to the story (the audio session). The introductions can be skipped to go directly to the practice when this is more appropriate, or if the teacher wishes to repeat the practice during the week without listening to the story again. The themes explored are self-attention (attention to the body, the five senses, the breath and the emotions), attention to the pleasures of everyday life (gratitude) and attention to other people (benevolence).

The dancing bear – the body (standing)
The monkey musician – sounds (seated)
The march of the elephant (moving)
Small explorers – the five senses (seated)
An internal game of hide-and-seek – the breath (moving)
The little feather – the body (seated)
The ladybird – the body (seated)
The fish in the waves – the breath (seated)
The flower ballet – the breath (seated)
The treasure chest – gratitude (seated)
The rainbow – benevolence (seated)
The voyage of the whale – the emotions (seated)
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