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These sessions follow on from Petit BamBou’s programs for 5-12 year olds, and are aimed at 13-18 year olds. Candice Marro’s meditation program leads the teenager on a journey of discovery, hidden treasures and resources to help them feel at ease with themselves. The sessions apply the basic principles of meditation and can be listened to alone or with an adult.

Preparing yourself is meditating too
The breath, your ally
The posture of a king or queen
This is my vital space!
Strong, anchored & concentrated
Life is motion
Bringing your attention back to yourself
Another view of yourself
A quiver full of resources
What is success, really?
SOS anti stress
SOS Memory lapse: water
SOS Memory lapse: fluid
SOS Memory lapse: an 8 lying on its side
SOS exams – The four-fold breath
SOS exams – Square or rectangle
SOS exams – Mindful movements
Sleep for regeneration
SOS emotions – Head under water!
The rope descent
Chain reactions
Channel hopping your thoughts
Slowing the wheel of thoughts
Teens castegory

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