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Take your meditations with you

They are available on your smartphone, tablet or computer

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Access all our meditation programs

More than 30 programs containing more than 410 sessions

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You can cancel the renewal of your subscription at any time

More than 50,000 reviews have been written on the various stores. We're really touched by what you have to say about the app... Here are a few opinions, but you can find plenty more on the stores:

The ideal app. I'm addicted to it

The best meditation app I know of. It's helped me discover the practice and turn it into an essential habit!


I've been interested in meditation for a few years in various ways, and this is definitely the one that's best for me. I'm not the kind of person who can just empty their head and sit in the lotus position, so I've been frustrated in the past when I've tried to meditate. Here everything's set up for me to gradually learn to let go – and above all to accept where I am. Congratulations for this superb app, which really isn't expensive given the benefits it brings in my life. Thank you.


A great app for finding yourself. The voices are calm and the application is serious. The perfect app for beginners, or even more advanced users...

Petit BamBou users undoubtedly have the best opinion of "Meditate with Petit BamBou", particularly because they write their opinions through simple altruism. You can be sure that each of these testimonials is regarded as a gift by our team. They represent a powerful incentive to help move us onward so we can continue to offer you a solution that's increasingly adapted to your busy life... all day, every day.