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The starting point of this program is the belief that each of us possesses a creative force. It might be dormant and invisible at present, but it exists. The practice of meditation—certain forms of meditation, in particular—can create space for it to surface and strengthen it. Sébastien's intentions with this program are to: - Help you reconnect with your creative force, to fully savor its richness. - Encourage you to imagine and clarify what you would most like to create with the help of this force. - Offer you resources to nurture your creative energy in your daily life, allowing it to expand to its fullest potential. Throughout this inner journey, we hope that joy will be the predominant emotion; it is the one most closely linked to creativity!

A welcome, not a battle
Discovering your creative spirit
Celebrate our creative moments
Off the beaten track
Listening to our most beautiful music
Welcoming the void
An everyday dose of creativity
Offering yourself a luxurious creative bath
Meditate like a tree
The strength of a statue
A creative dive into play
Our creativity like a gift
A warming radiance
“Unthinkable” gifts
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