Who are we ?

Credits and thanks:

Many thanks to all our meditation/mindfulness experts and instructors for their contributions to the texts, recordings and lectures.

Thank you also to all the instructors who have worked with us in business contexts, and more generally to all those who, by their commitment to us, contribute to make the practice of meditation more widely known and accessible.

We'd also like to warmly thank Mathilde, for her beautiful voice that meditators love, and Dominique, Caroline, Stéphane and Stéphane, Thomas Emmanuel, Sébastien, Coco, Carole, Clémence, Thomas John and Juliette, for their soft and calm voices, Laurent, Roger, Antonin, Florian, Christophe, and Jérôme for their invaluable work developing the mobile applications. Marie for her great graphic talent on the animations and illustrations, Pauline, both for her good humor and for her work with us. And Charly Cungi for allowing us to use his calming breath.