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This program is a voyage to help you return to a feeling of harmony, joy and lightness. It takes the form of a series of short stories or tales of wisdom rediscovered by Stéphane Nau, an instructor in Mindfulness, and guided by Reuben Lowe, content creator and narrator. Each story is an invitation to sit and meditate, and provides a path to help you cultivate key attitudes that are very useful in mindfulness meditation.

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Mud and confusion
Listening to yourself
The surrender in meditation
At the stop light!
The lucky mouse!
Whose is it?
Take a step back
More bubbles
In my arms
It takes effort to make a butterfly!
Right to the brim
Big bamboo
Where’s the boatman?
Nailing your meditation practice
Maritime wisdom
The flowers
What I’ve learned
How beautiful life is!
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