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Our daily work life can sometimes feel uncomfortable, or not very rewarding. The purpose of this programme is to cultivate a deliberately positive and confident outlook on what is coming our way. So we become able to enjoy ourselves right where we are again, cultivating positive energy with each step, and reconnecting with the resources we have so we can feel like we are "the right person in the right place." Using the power of intention to support our actions, confidently welcoming uncertainty with curiosity... These are all bright facets of the landscape you are invited to explore through this programme. "Mindfulness" is a valuable ally. First we center ourselves through breathing, then we deliberately focus our thoughts on what can nourish us, inspire us, and lead us towards peaceful and confident professional fulfillment

Welcoming what is here
Seeing the positive side…
My good things from the past day
My good things to come
Things of the day I am proud of and satisfied with
My Intention for Today
Like in my dream… !
The advantages of the situation
Finding a sanctuary
Being open to the future
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