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22 sessions
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This program is dedicated to smokers, whether they’re trying to stop, or they simply want to become a little more familiar with their tobacco addiction. This is an invitation to “unplug the automatic pilot”, to become aware of what happens when we smoke, and to explore new ways of dealing with the desire to smoke or the emotions that it triggers, with kindness and benevolence. The program gradually helps you create a space of freedom that you can use to deal with events in your life, rather than automatically resorting to a cigarette These 22 sessions, each 15 minutes long, have been created by addiction specialist and psychotherapist Martine Spiesser.

Invitation to a journey
Letting go of your anchors
An internal doctor
Smoking while being present
A case full of reasons
Your internal tonality
Identify your triggers
In search of my tendencies...
Thank your body
When the “ferocious monster” is there!
Finding a supportive network and practicing every day...
Facing up to the desire to smoke
Smoking mindfully
Thoughts = thoughts
A final bouquet
Mindfulness and smoking castegory

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