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What would it feel like to be fully yourself at work? In your everyday working life, mindfulness meditation nourishes your emotional intelligence and your soft skills. It can help you reveal the best of yourself, by taking care of both you and your colleagues. These sessions will help you develop the key skills to act with greater fairness and clarity, communicate with authenticity, place benevolence and compassion at the heart of your activities, and interact with other people in complete serenity.

Meditation as a mirror for knowing yourself better
Dealing better with difficult emotions
Welcoming the fear of failure in the face of the need for performance
Experiencing a tough conversation with more serenity
Growing your self-confidence
Putting our ego in the right place
Setting up moments to deeply revitalize yourself
"Nothing to attain, nothing to obtain": a crucial principle
Responding rather than just re-acting
Being attentive to intuitive signals emerging from the inner silence
Careful listening for prompter and more accurate decisions
Interpreting intuitive signals
Developing your creativity 1
Developing your creativity 2
Facing a creative breakdown
Making the gift of a strong presence
Listening beyond words
Training our kindness
Developing our ability to "take care" of our colleagues and collaborators
Taking the initiative of the first step in a conflict
Taking a step back with our judgments on our colleagues and collaborators
Seeing the most beautiful facets of others
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