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12 sessions
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This program of self-compassion and self-benevolence is intended to be a companion on your journey to learning to love yourself. Amidst joy or tears, with our strengths and weaknesses, alone or amongst others, and always in line with our deepest values, we can learn to give ourselves more kindness, indulgence, gratitude, encouragement and love. To give ourselves as much as we give, quite naturally, to the people important to us. There’s nothing egotistical about it, because by loving ourselves, we celebrate all the people who’ve made of us what we are.

All human
Opening yourself to your heart
Benevolence towards others and towards yo urself
Unconditional love
Finding your deepest values
Celebrate your positive attributes
Granting self-compassion
The benefits of challenges
Compassion for a difficult relationship
Living intense emotions
For the other person and for yourself
Each on their own path
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