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Many people have difficulty with their emotions. They can sometimes paralyze us, prevent us from thinking clearly, make us depressed, or lead to addictive behavior. This program aims to give you general advice and exercises to help you cope better with difficult emotions. A few precautions: If you’re undergoing treatment, it’s best to ask your psychiatrist or a health professional for advice before starting the program. And whoever you are, approach the program without expectations or any particular goal. Follow it at your own pace, and if you feel too vulnerable just now, that’s fine –you can come back to it later.

What are the emotions?
The more difficult emotions
Find resources when things are too difficult
Meditation for the times when you can’t manage to meditate
The resources for difficult emotions – the inner child
The resources for difficult emotions – nourishing the demons
Meditation for pain or for the worst of times
Healing past injuries – some tips for meditating
Coping with difficult emotions – a way to find your true self and be free and creative
Benevolence meditation to connect yourself to the fragility of the world
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