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10 sessions
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This program is dedicated to all meditators with some previous practice. The deepening of the meditative practice and the embodiment of this attentive presence is essentially a matter of repetition, regularity, perseverance and appropriate effort, nourished and supported by a correct intention. This program contains exercises on the posture, the breath..., because as paradoxical as it may seem, the deepening of meditation is above all a constantly renewed experience of the basic practices, with more and more subtlety, by stripping them to the maximum. It contains 10 rather long sessions. Remember that this is a program based on experience, on your own experience, a program that leads nowhere except here and now... and it is here and now that it begins!

Take your place
Anchor yourself in silence
Concentrate on the breath
Allow the breath to guide you
Contemplate the mirror of the mind
Cultivate the appropriate balance
Forget yourself in impermanence
Renounce yourself
Unify yourself
Deepening castegory

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