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These 11 sessions have been designed to prevent you from experiencing recurring burnout. The authors, Céline Tran – a psychiatrist and psychotherapist – and Claire Mizzi – a psychologist and psychotherapist – have worked together for many years, and decided to share their experience and the meditation practices they regularly recommend to people suffering from burnout. This program is primarily aimed at anyone who has suffered an episode of professional burnout and who wants to give themselves the best possible chance of preventing it from recurring. “Like lotus flowers that need muddy water to flourish.” Please note that the aim here is not to provide a formal diagnosis. Nor is it recommended to try out these particular practices if you’re suffering from serious burnout with severe symptoms

Breathing to let go
Three anchors
A difficult event
Accept pain in your body
Exploring difficult emotions
The wheel of thoughts
Your hidden treasures
The best version of yourself
Meditating on compassion
Setting a direction
Burnout prevention castegory

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