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12 sessions
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This program is intended to help you create a long term meditation practice – one that can resist the ups and downs of the active life you lead. Perhaps you're just starting out with meditation and want to create the foundations for a regular habit? Or you already have a little experience and want to refine your approach and concentrate on things you find particularly difficult? Or maybe you’re facing a lack of motivation or a period of confusion? Whatever your situation, this program is truly aimed at you. Develop the tools to support your discipline in everyday life – reflect on and reinforce your motivation; find the right place and time to meditate; work with obstacles such as mental agitation, drowsiness, boredom, laziness, or discouragement, or benefit from periods of enthusiasm... and by the end of the program you’ll have become your own meditation coach.

Working on motivation
Choosing the right time
Finding the right place
Several short sessions
The correct effort
Working with obstacles – the agitated mind
Working with obstacles – drowsiness
Working with obstacles – laziness
Working with obstacles – boredom
Welcoming discouragement
Benefiting from enthusiasm
Becoming your own meditation coach
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