Meditation is essential in businesses and organizations

Many studies have proven the benefits of meditation at work, both in terms of individual and collective aspects.

Regularly practising mindfulness meditation can help develop qualities such as serenity, concentration, leadership and creativity.

The practice of meditation can be an essential component in improving quality of life at work and preventing a range of psychosocial risks, such as excessive stress, anxiety or the risk of burn-out.

In the United States, mindfulness meditation has met with widespread success in the business context. Just like Google, Twitter and Linkedin, innovative American companies have created meditation programs to form the core of their human resources strategy.

French companies are showing an increasing interest in providing their employees with the tools to encourage a meditative practice that is profitable for them, for those around them and thus for the company. But progress is slow, probably due to a lack of a simple, accessible and motivating solution. With Petit BamBou, the time has come to put good intentions into practice!


I wanted to integrate meditation into my everyday life and the Petit Bambou method is simple, intuitive and can be used at any time, at home or even on the go on your smartphone via the app. It's perfect for everyone, even beginners, and I'm convinced that meditation can bring all of us clear benefits in everyday life, and can also improve our performance within the company! That's why I wanted to give our teams the opportunity to discover Petit Bambou and all the programs in this innovative approach.
Petit Bambou makes it easy to integrate meditation into your everyday life and to discover a range of forms of meditation: it's the perfect app to discover and explore the practice. I came to meditation out of curiosity and a need to manage my stress. I discovered something much more interesting, and it also has a real effect on stress. Who hasn't regretted a decision taken too quickly, or a comment made because of stress, fatigue or nerves? Meditation helps me to be more aware of my fatigue, my stress, the pressure... As if by magic, by becoming aware of it, it becomes easier to handle. So we continue to meditate and thank ourselves for doing so.